What brought me here?

So what brought me to study animation at SAE? What were my influences and why were they influential to me?

Ultimately, it was gaming that led me along the path to choose to study animation. Gaming has always been a huge part of my life, and ever since I was young I’ve had a strong interest in the field. Growing up I always knew I wanted to be apart of the gaming industry as a result of many unforgettable gaming experiences. However, it wasn’t until my final year at school that I had decided to choose to do animation.

My major project for computer studies in high school was the final push I needed in favouring animation within the gaming industry. The project allowed us to experience the different stages in creating a game and, to me, I had found designing characters and animating them much more enjoyable than coding or trying to come up with level ideas/designs. It was also satisfying to be able to see my characters coming to ‘life’. Not only was this push I needed but it also led me to deciding that I would peruse character modelling within the animation area.

The most influential games to me:
Kingdom Hearts: A childhood favourite of mine, the ‘Kingdom Hearts’ series were all about the character design for me. I enjoyed the idea of the ‘Heartless’ and ‘Nobodies’, the different variations.

GIF reference


Assassins Creed: Assassins Creed was all about the parkour and assassination animations. With each new game released in the series, the animations for these became more complex and visually appealing.

Assassins creed.gif
GIF reference


We Happy Few: We Happy Few is a game that is still currently being developed. Back when the game was first being kick-started, I received a copy of the game for backing the project, this meant I was able to play each update as the game was being developed. This was a great experience for me because it allowed me to follow along with the developers progress and receive ‘behind the scenes’ footage of animations and designs they were working on.

Image reference


Doom: For the doom games, this was more about the transition from the original doom (1993) to the Doom remake (2016) and the difference that today’s technology makes.

Image reference


These games were all influential to me and served as motivation to peruse a career in the gaming industry.




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