My media use and identity

The type of media that I value the most is gaming (what a surprise right?). But how do I use this type of media, why is it important to me, and what messages might this particular type of media carry?
Because gaming is such a big part of my life, I use a variety of different platforms to be able to experience a greater variety of games. Being primarily a console gamer nowadays, Xbox and PlayStation are most important to me, followed by PC, and finally mobile. For the most part, my use in all these forms is centred mostly around the social aspect of gaming, but also to express my competitive nature.


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Console gaming: Console gaming for me is used primarily as a social platform, most of my enjoyment whilst playing games usually occurs here because whenever I jump on a console ill be playing with my mates. Although we sometimes play competitive games such as battlefield or Call of duty, a majority of the time we’re messing around and entertaining ourselves in games such as GTA V or Dying Light. Console gaming is important to me as it helps with stress, and brings me enjoyment.


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PC Gaming: Generally when I’m gaming on my PC, ill be playing competitive games such as League of Legends or Counter Strike. They provide a sense of achievement and allow me to test my skills. PC gaming is important to me as it has helped me to define who I am. My gaming profile was built around PC gaming and serves as a way of expressing myself and my competitive nature.



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Mobile gaming: Mobile gaming is used as a bit of a combination between social gaming and competitive gaming. Pokémon GO and Clash of Clans are two games which really define this. Not only am I playing to compare stats and have fun with others, but there’s a bit of a competitive edge to them as well.


These different types of platforms are great ways for carrying specific messages. For me, console gaming really gets across the idea to have fun, enjoy yourself,  and not to take anything too seriously. With my PC games mostly based around competitive team games, it’s really about working together as a team, building your skills, and to strive for success. Finally for mobile gaming, its really just about balancing those social/competitive levels, to be competitive, yet have fun whilst doing so.


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