Story Ideas

Brainstorming ideas:
With some inspiration from the classic ‘101 Dalmatians’.uk_101dalmatians_pt_digital_2602989e.png
– Puppy is kidnapped, must escape and find his way home.
– Owners buy a puppy, already owning an existing dog. The older dog ‘lures’ the puppy outside where he becomes distracted and chases after something, becomes lost. Older dog ends up trying to find and bring the puppy home.
A couple is kidnapped, their dog ventures out in an effort to find his owners.

Inspiration based off true stories Aron Ralston (127 hours) and Beaconsfield Mine collapse.
– A man who is alone out in the wilderness becomes trapped by a boulder
– Two adventurers become trapped when an earthquake seals the entrance to a cave they are exploring
– Two men who are rock climbing, one of them slips and falls onto a ledge, unconscious. The ledge is slowly crumbing and falling apart.

‘Lost and Found’ is an adventure about Stanley the dog who sets out to rescue his owners when they become kidnapped by a mysterious man. But when a severe storm hits, Stanley’s owners won’t be the only ones who need rescuing.

‘Up high’ is an intense survival story about two men who become stranded on a mountain after an accident that leaves one of them severely injured. With the growing threat of hypothermia, they must attempt to descend to the bottom before it’s too late. Little did they know, this was the least of their worries.

  • An animation about a dog who is trying to get to a piece of chicken that’s left on the dining table. Too far to jump up, he pushes a chair over to the table to get up, being very cautious so he doesn’t alarm his owners. Spider lands on his paw, he jumps back and a pan lands on his head. In his second attempt in using the chair, one of his owners walks passed as he’s within reach, he is startled and falls to the ground. His owner see’s what he’s doing and moves the chicken to a higher bench in the kitchen. Determined to reach the chicken, he pulls out the drawers leading up the top of the bench and begins his ascent to the chicken, half way up he gets caught by one of the children in the house who then takes him outside to play fetch. He unenthusiastically plays fetch with the child, still looking at the chicken though the kitchen window. The kid finishes playing with him, but as he is about to head back inside he realises the child has put a leash on him and he is tied up outside. When all hope seems lost, one of his owners comes outside with the chicken in hand. He places it in the dog bowl. He goes to eat the chicken but just as he is about to take a bite a crow swoops down and snatches it.



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