Future Predictions

In this blog post I’m going to discuss some future trends that I think will become popular in the next 5-10 years. A couple of my ideas include an advanced park finding application, lava lamps turned into wearable fashion, and the introduction of all-vegan dive through fast food restaurants.

  • Satellite Parking:
    Parking, especially in the city, can be an extremely annoying process. Trying to find a park, or finding a park that is only available for a short period of time, can become quite frustrating. This can become even more frustrating if you need to be somewhere quickly and need to stay for longer periods of time.
    That’s why I think ‘Satellite parking’ will be a popular trend in the next 10 years. An application that highlights public parking within a selected area, that gives you information about particular parking spots (Disabled, Paid Parking, etc.), and shows you which parking spots are free (using satellite technology to give you live updates). For underground parking, the area would be highlighted and still give information.
    A recent parking experience of my own led to this idea.satellite_view_of_mrhs_parking_lot_marked_up_for_show1
  • Lava Bands:
    Lava lamps are over 50 years old and even though they made a comeback in the 1990’s, I think they will make a greater comeback and combine with bracelets and wristbands to make a popular new trend, ‘Lava bands’. Lava lamp wristbands would be similar to ‘liquid bracelets’ but battery operated and resemble the iconic lava lamp. With bracelets and wristbands being such a popular accessory choice used by a majority of younger adults, it could definitely become a new popular trend.


Image reference
Image reference


  • All Vegan Fast food restaurant:
    A McDonalds style drive-through fast food restaurant that only serves vegan food. With the increasing popularity of vegetarian and vegan diets, and the efficiency of current drive through fast food, I think its inevitable that we will see a drive through style Vegan restaurant.

    Image reference

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