Curation Activity

So for this curation activity I’ve decided to include some of the things that I find inspirational or enjoyable, and some other things that I think are just pretty damn cool.

On Pinterest I’ve made a couple of boards that feature different types of concept art and different types of character designs, these are the types of things that I find cool to look at. Some of the stuff that people come up with is truly amazing and anyone interested in that sort of stuff should definitely check some of these pins out.

One of the things that I really enjoy doing whilst sitting at my computer is listening to music. I used to have a lot of different playlists that I would play depending on the mood I was in, but I’ve mostly combined these or changed my opinions on different songs. Here’s a couple of playlists I’ve made on Spotify of the type of music I enjoy listening to.

I use YouTube quite a lot, normally I’d be watching ‘Lets Plays’ or catching up on the latest highlights from the ‘Graham Norton Show’ (This show is dope). I do, however, also use it to browse through different kinds of Animations. Here’s a playlist of some animations that I find to be pretty influential (I Intend to fill this playlist).

These different playlists and boards include some of the things that I really enjoy viewing or listening to.




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