Earning an income from my art

This weeks lecture was about the different ways I could earn an income from my art. Current and previous ways I’ve earned an income include:

  • working full-time at dominos
  • Centrelink

But what about in the future?
Upon completing my Bachelor, I hope to find myself earning an income from animating and making 3D models

To get started, here are some great tips for any other animators out there. This blog post is a great start for beginners that goes through what programs you should be starting out on and the different ways you might be able to earn money online. It also gives some examples of which websites you can upload your projects to in order to earn money and create an income for yourself whilst free lancing.

But what about myself? Ultimately I would like to work a big gaming company overseas if I’m ever lucky enough to.
The different ways I can see myself earning an income include:
Being an Employee: Ideally, this is the way I’d like to be earning an income the most. Working for a creative company as an employee, being an animator for a team. Ultimately, I’d like to move overseas and work for a big gaming company, such as Bethesda or Square Enix. But if I was able to land a job within Brisbane after finishing my bachelor. That was be a great way to earn some experience to hopefully lead to bigger things.


Having a Day job + free lancing: If I’m unable to land a job in the creative industry after completing my bachelor of animation, this will be the most viable option for me.  I’ll most likely go back to working full time at Dominos whilst continuing to model and make animations in my spare time to help increase my online presence. This option also gives me the flexibility to work on projects that I want and upload content when I choose. The only downside to this would be finding the motivation to make 3D models and animate outside of working.

Starting my own company:  Alternatively to both of these options, If I was given the opportunity to, I would like to start up my own gaming company with one of my friends. He is currently studying programming at QUT and has been interested in the idea of making his own company for a while now. The only downside to this would be creating something to get our name out there and make money from. The upsides include being able to be much more flexible with what we do and being able to help each other with different areas of work. I.e. Showing him how to animate, and getting help with coding from him.

If all of these ways to earn an income from my art were to fail, I would probably end up starting a new course at uni or finding a full time job that is irrelevant to my desired field. Of course, this would be my last option if I was finding it hard to make money.




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