Interview Techniques

Not only is it important to have a range of works when searching for jobs, but it is also important to be prepared in the case of landing yourself an interview.

If you do find yourself going for a job interview, it is important to take the right measures to help assist you in being successful. The things you should consider include:

Researching the company and the type of work they do – Obviously if you are going for a job interview, you will have a rough idea of what the company you wish to join do. However, it can be worthwhile further researching what the company does, how they operate, and if they are currently working on any projects. By doing so, you can have a better idea of where you would fit into the company and where you can offer your expertise.
Being on time –  First impressions are always important, making sure that when you go for an interview, that you know where you are going and that you are on time, is essential.
Wearing suitable clothing – When going for an interview, it is important that you make the right impression on a potential employer. What you wear can say a lot about your personality and how you operate. Someone who was to walk in wearing torn up clothes with stains would not be appropriate, for example. The best way to ensure that you present yourself correctly is to first research the company and see how they operate. Are they formal?, or are they a more casual workplace? Generally, companies within the creative industry are more casual about appearances.
Portfolio – A portfolio is essential when going for an interview. 6-10 projects that relate to the company you wish to join can help a potential employer see where you might fit into the company and help to demonstrate our skills.
Passion – Something that will set you apart from other interviewees. By showing an employer that you are passionate about the work you do and can show that you are interested in the company, you will have a better chance at landing yourself the job. Someone who is more passionate about what they do will be more valuable for moving the company forward.
Teamwork – The ability to work in a team is vital to any company. By being able to show previous work conducted within a team and demonstrate your ability to work well with others, you will be considered more highly for a job.

Personal Experience :

Red Rooster – This was my first ever job interview. I got the interview by one of my friends who also worked there. Going in and sitting down with the owner, I was nervous. He went over what was expected, the jobs I would be doing and type of hours I would be working. We talked for a good 15 minutes and he seemed pretty keen to hire me. A couple of weeks had passed and I still hadn’t heard any word back from him. Shortly after finding a job at Dominos, I had received word from my friend that he was going to hire me but kept forgetting and never got around to it.
Dominos – Back when I was 16, I was fortunate enough to get a job working at Dominos in Ballina. My sister was good friends with one of the managers and he landed me an interview with the owner. About a week later I went in and sat down with the owner and his mother (who part owned the store). Less nervous this time, but still pretty nervous, I talked to them about the job. Rather than being told what Id be expected to do, they asked about what hours I could work and if I had any other events that might reduce the amount of hours I could work. After letting them know I was free every day, and after school  on weekdays, they seemed pretty keen to give me a position. After the interview had ended, the owner asked me to come back at the end of the week and start working. Since then, I had worked at dominos for just over 3 years, before mobbing to Brisbane to start uni at SAE



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