Interview Techniques

This weeks lecture was about interview techniques and tips on how to be more successful when applying for jobs.

If you do find yourself going for a job interview, it is important to take the right measures to help assist you in being successful. The things you should consider include:

Researching the company and the type of work they do 
Being on time
Wearing suitable clothing 
Having a portfolio of work
Showing you’re passionate about the job
Showing you’re capable of working with a team



Id also like to share a couple of personal experiences I’ve had with job interviews.

Personal Experience:
Red Rooster – My first ever job interview. I got the interview by one of my friends who was working there at the time. Going in and sitting down with the owner, I was nervous. He went over what was expected, the jobs I would be doing and type of hours I would be working. We talked for a good 15 minutes and he seemed pretty keen to hire me. A couple of weeks had passed and I still hadn’t heard any word back from him. Shortly after finding a job at Dominos, I had received word from my friend that he was going to hire me but kept forgetting and never got around to it.

Dominos – Back when I was 16, I was fortunate enough to get a job working at Dominos in Ballina. My sister was good friends with one of the managers and he landed me an interview with the owner. About a week later I went in and sat down with the owner and his mother (who part owned the store). Less nervous this time, but still pretty nervous, I talked to them about the job. Rather than being told what Id be expected to do, they asked about what hours I could work and if I had any other events that might reduce the amount of hours I could work. After letting them know I was free every day, and after school on weekdays, they seemed pretty keen to give me a position. After the interview had ended, the owner asked me to come back at the end of the week and start working. Since then, I had worked at dominos for just over 3 years, before moving to Brisbane to start uni at SAE


What both of these experiences showed me was that, not only does the outcome of your job interview depend on how well you did, but on the interviewer. In case one, the owner was pretty lazy when it came to hiring. Whereas in case two, the owner gave me the job on the day and proceeded to give me a few trial shifts to see how I would go. I much prefer the trial shift option when it comes to hiring people as well, because anyone can act professional when it comes to an interview. But when it comes to actually working, they may be a different person altogether.

Dominos (Cont.)
After becoming a manager at Dominos, I often had to deal with people handing in resumes and coming in for job interviews. Being a fast food joint, we often received resumes on a regular basis.
From what I was taught, resumes didn’t mean much in our eyes. We would of course skim through them to find out a bit about each person, but this wouldn’t effect our decisions much on whether or not we’d get them in for an interview. What did effect our decisions, however, was if any current staff had recommendations for people looking for work. Someone who was highly recommended by another staff member would often find themselves being called up for an interview much quicker.

The answer to becoming successful in a job interview really depends on the workplace you are applying for. In some cases, presenting yourself well and being on time could be enough to get you a job. Just make sure you try your best, show the employer what you can do and show them how passionate you are. Even if you don’t get the job, there are plenty of other places you can try for.


One thought on “Interview Techniques

  1. Finding a job for me was quite hard, although the lady that interviewed me had never done an interview before we both went in to it not knowing what to expect and being a young boy I did not have access to things like this blog and I wish I had because it shows your experiences as well as steps and tips on what to look for and what to focus on when going for an interview. While I was writing my blog post I found this website from Monster ( ) although It is a UK website the premise still stands and sites like Monster and this blog can be shared to not only people in high school looking for their first job but also adults applying for new jobs and careers


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