Using Data

Using data and statistics is a great way to help boost your exposure and to gain feedback on what people might or might not enjoy from your work.
Feedback – Direct feedback is useful in determining what’s working and what’s not working for you. Being able to see what people enjoy or dislike about your work can help you to change your approach so that more people are consistently enjoying what you produce.
Best times to post – Seeing when people are most actively liking your work can be beneficial for you. By posting at times when people are on the most, your work is more likely to be seen and shared.
What content is most popular – Related to feedback, work that people like more than others can help you to determine the type of content that you can create to get a more positive response.
Target audience – By being able to see the target audience that your work is being viewed by the most, you can either continue to produce similar works for the same audience or try to branch out to others.


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