Week 4 (Studio 1 – ANI210 Weekly Progress)

Week 4 This week I spent a lot of time messing around with some more blueprints in UE4, as well as making a couple of models for both my aftermath project ad specialisation project. What have I made this week? Aftermath Project: A List of changes I’ve made to our groups aftermath project this week […]

Week 2 (Studio 1 – ANI210 Weekly Progress)

Week 2 This week was spent finishing off what was left of the Unreal Engine Bootcamp Project and launching our group aftermath project. I invested most of my personal time in learning how to use triggers and create blueprints, as well as doing a bit of research on my specialisation module, with I ended up […]

Indie Marketing Techniques

Launching a project you’ve created can be tough. To ensure that you are successful in launching your project it is vital that you take into consideration some important strategies. These include things such as: Differentiating yourself from others – making your work stand out as something new an exciting can attract a lot of attention. […]