Week 13 (Studio 1 – ANI210 Weekly Progress)

Week 13 What have I made this week? This week we presented all of our work for the trimester, because I got everything finished last Sunday, I didn’t end up making anything this week. Presentations Below are the final results to each of my projects for the trimester. Studio 1 Showreel: Bootcamp Project: Walkthrough: Aftermath […]

Studio 1: Cross Discipline Post-mortem

Dance Dance Revelations: For one of my cross-discipline projects, I joined a games team who were making a voxel based game for their final project. The game is a 2D rhythm game using 3D assets, and is about a nun who fights demons from hell. Each level of the game was about a different type […]

Studio 1: Specialisation Post-mortem

Cave Environment: Showcase video: Project and asset files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ihYhgzTw6T7aeyUXfBFxVPtQEyODUZ-k Hospital Environment: Showcase video: Project and asset files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AdM2CNWE002RM7gRud8-RJbzo4GDouI9 Reflection What went well: The final result for both of my environments turned out better than I expected. Although they weren’t completely finished, I’m happy with the end result. One thing that made a huge difference, especially with […]