Week 13 (Studio 2 – ANM220 Weekly Progress)

Week 13 Weekly Overview: This week was the final week of uni for the trimester. This meant that I spent the week finishing off as much as I could to Polish my work, and making my show reel /presentation to show in class. What have I made this week? Specialisation: This week for my apartment […]

Specialisation Post-Mortem – Studio 2

Final Deliverables: Environment Showcase: Enviroment Images: What went well: Although I didn’t end up completely finishing this project, I was happy with the amount of work I was able to make on it. I was very happy with how my assets turned out for this project, and how well the design on my apartment turned […]

Cross-Discipline Post-Mortem – Studio 2

Post-Mortem Simulation Project (WIP): My first cross-discipline project for this trimester was an Unreal Engine 4 project with a programming friend of mine. The aim of this project was to learn and make advanced blueprints to further learn the capabilities of the engine. Initially we had decided on making a couple of rooms to showcase […]

Week 11 (Studio 2 – ANM220 Weekly Progress)

Week 11 Weekly Overview: This week I spent most of my time just working on my apartment environment. I made more assets and updated my blueprints. I also made a bunch of small tweaks to the environment that I noticed whilst working on it. What have I made this week? Specialisation: Assets: Pause Button: For […]

Specialisation Research Report – Studio 2

Environment Design/Modelling: My main focus for this trimester has been on environment modelling/design, being my apartment environment, and more specifically I wanted to try and do some more advanced blueprinting. With this project I also wanted to look at having a go at ArchVis as well. Because I needed a lot of assets for this […]

Week 10 (Studio 2 – ANM220 Weekly Progress)

Week 10 Weekly Overview: This week was pretty much just spend working on my specialisation and blueprinting to get interactions working. I Also went back to my Rapid Production Project and changed the lighting around a bit which ill use for my final show-reel. I also began working on my show-reel this week. What have […]