Week 4 (Studio 1 – ANI210 Weekly Progress)

Week 4 This week I spent a lot of time messing around with some more blueprints in UE4, as well as making a couple of models for both my aftermath project ad specialisation project. What have I made this week? Aftermath Project: A List of changes I’ve made to our groups aftermath project this week […]

Week 2 (Studio 1 – ANI210 Weekly Progress)

Week 2 This week was spent finishing off what was left of the Unreal Engine Bootcamp Project and launching our group aftermath project. I invested most of my personal time in learning how to use triggers and create blueprints, as well as doing a bit of research on my specialisation module, with I ended up […]

Asset Production: Key blade

Planning: For my final assessment for trimester 1, I had been tasked to design my own hard surfaced 3D asset. From the list of options I initially wanted to create some sort of helicopter or jet-like asset, but ended up deciding to make my own keyblade from the ‘Kingdom Hearts’ franchise. Before designing my own and looking at […]