Asset Production: Key blade

Planning: For my final assessment for trimester 1, I had been tasked to design my own hard surfaced 3D asset. From the list of options I initially wanted to create some sort of helicopter or jet-like asset, but ended up deciding to make my own keyblade from the ‘Kingdom Hearts’ franchise. Before designing my own and looking at […]

Pirates Gold: Production Progress

Pre-production: For this project we were tasked to create an advertisement for a board game called ‘Pirates Gold’. As the idea of the project was already decided for us, there wasn’t much further planning for pre-production. I did, however, plan on adding an intro sequence and an end sequence to the ad. I also wanted to add another […]

History of 3D graphics highlight and Practitioner

William Fetter and The Boeing Man: William Fetter wan an American graphic designer who worked for Boeing in Seattle, Washington. He was born on the 14th March 1928 and died on the 23rd of June 2002. In 1960, Fetter was attempting to improve and maximise the efficiency of the space inside of the Boeing airplane cockpit. In […]

The Pipeline Production

Pre-production: The pre-production stage in the 3D pipeline production is the phase in which you come up with all of your ideas for the project and plan a general overview of the end result. Typically, the pre-production is made up of a few important processes which include designing, storyboarding, and creating an animatic. This serves as the foundation of the project and helps to […]