Indie Marketing Techniques

Launching a project you’ve created can be tough. To ensure that you are successful in launching your project it is vital that you take into consideration some important strategies. These include things such as: Differentiating yourself from others – making your work stand out as something new an exciting can attract a lot of attention. […]

Inclusive Design

This weeks lecture was all about inclusive design; making sure your creative projects are engaging to audiences of all race, culture and gender, as well as making sure they are accessible by all users who may suffer from disabilities. Lets start with diversity. This has become a very controversial topic over the years, due to […]

Interview Techniques

This weeks lecture was about interview techniques and tips on how to be more successful when applying for jobs. If you do find yourself going for a job interview, it is important to take the right measures to help assist you in being successful. The things you should consider include: Researching the company and the […]

Social media and my career

Social media is a great way to gain exposure and an audience. As someone who plans on becoming an animator/modeller for a career, having such an online presence can be useful for finding a job. For example, if you were uploading your content regularly on a social media platform and had gained 1 million followers, you would be […]

Earning an income from my art

This weeks lecture was about the different ways I could earn an income from my art. Current and previous ways I’ve earned an income include: working full-time at dominos Centrelink But what about in the future? Upon completing my Bachelor, I hope to find myself earning an income from animating and making 3D models To […]

Media Review: ‘The Wendigo’

So for my review of a piece of independent media I’ve decided to choose the game ‘The Wendigo’, which was created by the steam user ‘Warka’. His steam profile can be found here and a link to his blog can be found here About the game: “The Wendigo – is a first person investigation horror game set […]

Curation Activity

So for this curation activity I’ve decided to include some of the things that I find inspirational or enjoyable, and some other things that I think are just pretty damn cool. On Pinterest I’ve made a couple of boards that feature different types of concept art and different types of character designs, these are the types of things that I […]